Are Black Faucets in Style?

Are Black Faucets Still in Style?

Are black faucets in style? Absolutely—if you keep one thing in mind. When you choose a black faucet for your kitchen or bathroom, visual repetition is key. You may not be consciously aware of it, but the eye craves visual continuity. It is the repetition of color that gives a room a coordinated look and feel. Once you commit to a black faucet it's important that you repeat the black color in at least three other design elements in the room.

But there is an exception. Today there are many faucet styles that use two finishes—black and gold or black and chrome for example, which gives you greater flexibility in choosing the finishes of the other design elements in your room.

Choosing a Black Faucet for Your Kitchen

Once you've decided on the style direction of your kitchen—contemporary, modern farmhouse, vintage, modern, traditional—it is ideal to repeat the black faucet color in your drawer pulls and cabinet handles, and the hardware of your lighting fixtures. Those three repetitive color elements, faucet, pulls and lighting, may be all you need. But also consider whether black would work for the trim of your windows (a bold choice, proceed carefully), the front of your dishwasher and oven, your stove top, and even the doorknobs of the doors that are kitchen facing.

It is not strictly necessary, but you may also want to consider using a black faucet in a nearby powder room or wet bar so the visual continuity remains consistent at least in areas within sight of your kitchen. View our Black Kitchen Faucet Collection here»

Choosing a Black Faucet for Your Bathroom

To achieve a professionally designed look, the visual continuity of color is even more important in a defined space like your bathroom. When you choose a black bathroom faucet remember to also choose a black bathroom sink drain stopper. Bathroom drain stoppers are readily available in a variety of colors for about twenty dollars, and they are fairly easy to install. Together these coordinated elements really set your design direction. In addition, use black drawer and cabinet pulls and black bathroom accessories such as a towel bar and toilet paper holder. Choose lighting that has black hardware.

If you are using a black bathroom sink faucet in a full bath, you will also want to have a black shower head and handles. Consider using a black frame for the shower and the mirror. For a truly finished look choose a black doorknob, even if the black doorknob is just on the inside of the bathroom door. The doorknob finish on the exterior of the door can remain consistent with the doorknob color in the rest of your home. This attention to detail will give your color-coordinated bathroom a big design impact while sparing you the time and money of changing all of your home's doorknobs to black. View our Black Bathroom Faucet Collection here»

With a little planning, it is easy to make black faucets work in your home decor!


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